Gaea Conservation Network was founded in 2016 by graduates of the Biology, Ecology & Conservation Department at the St. George's University in Grenada. Our membership, to date, is comprised of  biologists, ecologists, spatial and statistical modelers, conservation communication specialists, environmental policy researchers, and natural resource managers. Our current members, mostly, live in Grenada and have great interest in advancing research-based management of Grenada’s natural resources and working with local communities.


Gaea has four main goals, these include:

  • To conduct and support scientific research, or collect data to advise management decisions in resource management, particularly in small island development states.

  • To provide technical assistance, advisory support and training to environmental organizations, community organisations and other organisations geared at conservation and natural resource management.

  • To develop and promote environmental education and awareness activities geared at the sustainable use of natural resources in Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique, in collaboration with local and international partner organisations.


The work of Gaea Conservation Network is facilitated by our Board of Directors and Committees.  Committees are lead by a Director, who sits on the Board of Directors, and a Committee Officer. All members support our organization's work on one of the following committees: 

  1. Education & Outreach

  2. Funding

  3. Public Relations

  4. Research

For information about our Board of Directors and Committee Officer, see our Meet the Team page. 


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