Leon is an Instructor at the St. George's University, within the Biology, Ecology & Conservation Department. Leon has broad interests in environmental policy, which is why he completed a Masters in Environmental Policy at the University of Gloucestershire.


Vice President

Danielle is an Environmental Consultant, with experiences in Marine Protected Area management and stakeholder engagement. Danielle completed a MSc in Fisheries Biology at James Cook University in Australia and a BSc in Life Sciences, with a Marine Biology Specialization, at St. George's University in Grenada.


Executive Director

Jody is a PhD Candidate at the University of Waterloo in Canada. Her work focuses on how changes in environmental conditions, whether driven by climate or land use activities, affect  biological communities. Jody is broadly interested in connecting resource managers to both best-practices from the primary literature and personnel with expertise relevant to their knowledge gaps.


Board Member

Ezra is an environmental consultant, with experience in Project Management, she has been working with a number of coastal communities, non-profit, governmental and non-Governmental organizations in Grenada and the Eastern Caribbean Region for over 7 years. Ezra in the final stages of a Masters in Natural Resources Management at the University of Manitoba;  she is also a graduate from the Wildlife Conservation Biology Program at St. George's University.


Board Member

Roxanne is an Instructor at the St. George's University, within the Biology, Ecology & Conservation Department. Roxanne completed a Masters Masters in Marine Management at Dalhousie University, and is also a graduate from the Wildlife Conservation Biology Program at St. George's University.


Board Member

Olando is the National Marine Protected Area (MPA) Biologist with the Government of Grenada. In addition to that role, Olando also serves as the National MPA Coordinator. Olando completed a Masters Masters in Marine Management at Dalhousie University, and is also a graduate from the Marine Biology Program at St. George's University.


Board Member

Tahira serves as Communications Officer at the OECS and plays a key role in the execution of the organisation's new communication strategy. She is central to bridging the communication gap between the OECS Commission and its citizens and is pivotal to ensuring Vini Kozé serves as a citizen's platform for all voices. Tahira is a bilingual communications professional; a skilled presenter in television, radio or planned functions; an accomplished writer; a graphic designer; a videographer; a video editor; a photographer; and a social media wiz.


Funding Officer

Rhea currently serves as a fellow at the United States Environmental Protection Agency, where her research center around using green infrastructure to mitigate stormwater runoff problems in urban and coastal communities. In her spare time, Rhea frequently travels back to her roots in the Caribbean— she is passionate about leveraging her skills and resources to protect Grenada’s natural resources and create a sustainable and viable environment for all citizens.


Education & Outreach Officer

Leyana is a Masters Candidate in Urban Planning at the University of the West Indies in Trinidad and Tobago. Before commencing her Masters degree, Leyana served as a Technical Officer for the United Nations Environmental Programs "Building Capacity for Coastal Ecosystem Based Adaptation in Small Island Development States" in Grenada.


Research Officer

Wayne is a graduate student in the Environmental Sciences program (EVS) at the University of Arkansas. Wayne studies the roles of introduced predators and seabird harvests on nesting colonies in the southern Grenadines, partially funded by the National Geographic Society’s Young Explorers Grant and BirdsCaribbean’s David Lee Fund. Wayne received his Bachelor of Biology degree with an emphasis in Marine, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology from St. George’s University. Wayne is a member of BirdsCaribbean, the Arkansas Chapter of the Wildlife Society, and the Society for Conservation Biology.


Public Relations Officer

Krisma serves as the Global Environment Facility Project Manager at Sustainable Grenadines in Union Island, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. She is an avid volunteer and teaches cultural dance, choral speaking and folk singing at the Clifton Primary School in Union Island. Krisma is a graduate from the Marine & Wildlife Conservation Program at the St. George's University.



Brian is has had extensive teaching, learning strategy and student support services experience. Brian has served as an Associate Professor at St. George's University in Grenada and a Director of Student Success at the University of Montano Western.



Melanie’s work focuses on projects that are developed and implemented in collaboration with communities. Melanie has worked collaboratively with communities on projects focusing on co-management of species and protected areas, coastal management, shared forest tenure agreements, regulatory hearings for water regulation, land use and occupancy mapping studies, food sovereignty, health promotion and wellbeing, and land-based learning and curriculum development. Melanie is also interested in how global policy frameworks affect community participation in the day-to-day management of the environment.



Ryan aids in providing operational and strategic guidance for the organization. He has conducted environmental, public health and community and economic development projects in US, East Africa and the Caribbean regions.  His background is in the global private, public, nonprofit and entrepreneurship sectors.



Durdana has had near ten years of  research experience working with Indigenous communities in northern Manitoba, Canada. She also, has over eight years of experience in teaching undergraduate and graduate students in reputed universities in Canada and Bangladesh. She is currently a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Prairie Climate Center, Department, University of Winnipeg, Canada.


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